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PGS Blazer Badge (Mick Howarth)
Football 1st XIs [John Hardy]
School Hockey 1st X1 (Ian Easthope)
PGS School Photograph [John Corlett]
PGGS Whole School Photo [Anne Greenall]
Four One Act Plays (Mick Howarth)
Prizegiving Programme [Grahame Hambleton]
PGSOB Appeal Letter [Norman Bridge]
Prizegiving Ceremony [Phil Parsonage]
Cast of "Government Inspector" (Mick Howarth)
School Orchestra [Ron Morley]
Programme for Govt Inspector (Mick Howarth)
Letter of Admission to PGS, [John Burt]
Lausanne [Bill Healey]
Model Aircraft Society [David Bagley]
A School Report Book, (Trevor Powell)
PGS Whole School Photograph [John Corlett]
Photographic Record [Graham Sherlock]
PGS Orchestra [Bill O'Brien]
PGS Prizegiving [Peter Jones]
2nd XI Cricket [Bill Healey]
PGGS Whole School Photograph
Pygmalion School Play [Bill Healey]
Early Computers at PGS [John Jolley]
Prescotian Sayings and Gaffes [Bill Spencer]
PGGS Sports [SB?]
PGGS U14 Rounders [Sandra Hartwig]
1st XI Football (Ron Morley)
PGS Hockey [David Bagley]
1st.XI Cricket Team [Bill and Bob Spencer]
Juno and the Paycock [Robert Blincow]
Prospectus [Phil Forshaw]
PGS Staff on Germany Trip [Stuart Duncan]
Prescot Reporter 1st.XI Football [Ron Morley]
Film Society [KeithWard]
PGS Whole School Photograph [John Corlett]
PGS Staff Photograph [John Corlett]
Ainsdale Field Trip, [John Jolley]
Roy Taylor's Field Trip to Keswick [John Jolley]
PGGS U15 Netball [Sandra Hartwig]
St Goarshausen [Glyn Phillips]
Headmaster and Head Boy [Bill Spencer]
French Residential Trip [Rob Blincow]
PGS Fixture Card [Phil Forshaw]
A Man for All Seasons [Grahame Hambleton]
PGS Hockey [Graham Birchenough]
'The Miser'
PGS Fixture Card [Phil Forshaw]
PGGS U13 Netball [Sandra Hartwig]
PGGS U14 Netball [Sandra Hartwig]
School Cruise [Sandra Hartwig]
Prize Giving Programme (Trevor Powell)
The Prescotian, cover (Mick Howarth)
Under-15 Cricket Champions [Albert Prescott]
PGS Cricket [Rob Blincow]
Scarborough Field Week [Trevor Powell]
PGGS 1st XI Hockey [Sandra Hartwig]
Prizegiving [Graham Birchenough]
PGGS U15 Netball [Sandra Hartwig]
School Orchestra [David Anderton]
St. Goarshausen [David Anderton]
Romanoff and Juliet, [Rob Blincow]
Miscellaneous Sixties
CND Rallies [Ian Williams]
Swinging Sixties? [Keith Dudley]
MJM Brown, Headmaster (Trevor Powell)
Back room of the Physics Lab. [John Jolley]
Sixties Football Team Photos [Brian Deakin]

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