The Prescotian Webzine

"A jam-packed treasure trove for all your former school pals!" (Web User Magazine, Sept. 2002)
"I have personally been in touch by e-mail with many former pupils and I meet regularly now with some former mates for a few pints!" (Ken Holt)
"This site is excellent, I stumbled in off Friends Reunited and have found all the old paraphanalia brilliant." (Tracey Clark)
The PRESCOTIAN was first launched onto the World Wide Web on 19th. May 2000 by Trevor Powell, a former pupil of Prescot Grammar School from 1963 to 1970. Its original mission was that of a contact site for Prescotians to track down old friends.

Membership is open to all former pupils and teachers of Prescot Grammar School, Prescot Grammar School for Girls and Prescot School. All database entries of contact details are confidential and protected by a Password Gate. To gain access to the Database, registration is required.

However, it quickly became apparent that there was a desire to preserve memories of the School. It was about this time that there was also a significant demand for the inclusion of the former Prescot Grammar School for Girls into the content, and subsequently, the Prescot School, successor to the two grammar schools from the early seventies.

The first one hundred members had enrolled within five months and the thousand mark reached in January 2002, when Phil McCormick from Liverpool signed onto the site. The site continues to grow with offers of archive material appearing steadily.

On Friday, 14th January, 2005 Paul Gerrard from New Zealand claimed the honour of being the one hundred thousandth visitor to the site!

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