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Date 8 November, 2015
To J.Walker (Headteacher)
From T.Powell (The Prescotian)
  I am pleased to hear that the success in gaining Academy Status will revive the Prescot School name and reinstate the 471 year old history of this famous school. I set up The Prescotian Webzine as a tentative experiment in May 2000, and some 15 years later my life has been absorbed by its juggernaut qualities. There was a lot of anger expressed to the webzine when Knowsley Borough Council dismissed the years from 1544 to 2009 to the dustbin of history.

In the 1970s there was concerns that the term "grammar" had been dropped from the school's name. The original bequest of Gilbert Lathum spoke about "the grammaring of the poor children of the Parish of Prescot!" The term grammar had nothing whatsoever to link it to the Butler's 1944 Education Act. Many selective schools were listed as High Schools eg Holt High, Quarry Bank High on Merseyside and these were able to continue their "high" suffix. Sadly, the media associates the term "grammar school" with elective education. There are examples of non-selective community schools bearing the legend "grammar school".

The readers of The Prescotian would be interested to know whether,

  • the school badge and colours of blue and black will be re-introduced as the red is an anathema as is the crest of KPCfL.
  • the school will reintroduce Founders Day
  • the school will be supportive of old pupils associations like the PGSOB Luncheon Club as well as The Prescotian Webzine.
  • there are any archive materials held at the school or where they are now, if not.

I am sure that the PGSOB luncheon club would be interested in meeting you. Previous Prescot School Heads such as Lynne Heath have given talks etc. I would also like to invite you to submit an article for your broadstroke plans for the new Prescot School.


Date 17 November, 2015
To T.Powell (The Prescotian)
From J.Walker (Headteacher)
  Thank you for your email, I haven't responded earlier because I was hoping to have some final designs for the uniform and badge to send to you, however I can only give you some draft designs at present for your information only.

As someone who was born in Prescot, I share the concerns and anger around the dismissal of the heritage and history of the school. 

As we move forward into the new school, I can tell you  the school badge should be familiar to you and references the 1544 foundation. I have attached a copy for your reference. The children picked a black tie, with a blue and silver stripe, whilst the prefects have a blue tie with a black and silver stripe. We are awaiting samples to confirm that the choices look appropriate and until then we cannot advertise the new uniform.  We felt it important that we did not change the uniform too dramatically as it could have been costly for parents.

The blue colour has again been adopted for all paper work and signage across the school.  A brief history of the foundation of the school in 1544 based on F A Bailey's book is available in the new prospectus. 

I would be delighted to support both the Prescotian Webzine and to meet with the PGSOB Luncheon Club.

I have been in contact with the archivist at Knowsley Council and we are planning a mini museum to be available at the school in time for the opening in February and I would be delighted if any of the past students and teachers would like to attend.  I will send you further details regarding the launch once confirmed.

We will recognise Founders Day, however I am not sure that the old format will work but this is still in its early stages of consideration.

I will put together an article for the Prescotian about the plans for the new school once the decision has been finalised by The Secretary of State for Education.

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