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Dave Platt has submitted a record of letters that his parents received during his time at Prescot School. Here are some of the highlights which give a flavour of life at the school in the late seventies and the early Eighties!
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  June   Invitation to meeting of parents of new first years-to-be, with uniform lists and useful information.  
  24 July   Newsletter featuring news of arson attacks, Sports Day resu;lts and diary dates.  
  1st Sept.   Revision of term starting dates due to arson attacks for Years 1, 2 and 3  
  Sept   Homework schedules for second years, upto 3 subjects @ 25 minutes each.  
  Sept.   Invitation to a 'Technology Today' exhibition at the school with support from BICC  
  20th Sept.   Prescot School Association AGM notice.  
  20th Sept. * PSA advert for train trip to London plus letter with details.  
  October   Invitation to PSA Annual Dance at Park Wing  
  2nd. Oct.   Founder's Day Arrangements  
  October   Newsletter featuring Technology Exhibition, and consequences of arson attacks.  
  December   Newsletter featuring Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, Sports results, and staff changes.  
  January   First Year Parents' Evening Invitation  
  17th Jan.   Notice of industrial action by Manual working staff.  
  1st March   Newsletter featuring secondary reorganisation, charity efforts and PSA trip to Edinburgh!  
  April   Home Economics notice regarding homework and preparation  
  May   Invitation to First Year trip to Outdoor Pursuits Centre at Dent  
  22 May   Newsletter featuring pupils successes, school archives and Prescot Carnival.  
  14 July * Prescot School Carnival Programme  
  18 July   Invitation for First Years to start Latin classes in their second year!  
  18 July   Newsletter featuring staff changes [Jim Gornall after 31 years], Sports day results and former pupils university successes.  
  17 Sept   Prescot School Association AGM notice  
  September   Homework schedules for second years, upto 3 subjects @ 25 minutes each.  
  October   Newsletter featuring diary dates, GCE results and English Schools Athletic Assoc. meetings  
  October * PSA advert for train trip to York  
  December   Newsletter featuring Knowsley/Moers Twinning and pupils exchanges, Music and Drama news and Fred Webster's retirement.  
  January   Prescot School Ass. diary, incl. Dance in aid of cricket tour, Dent open days and Car treasure hunt  
  14th. Feb   Newsletter featuring staff news, diary dates and financial cuts and their impacts.  
  1st. April   Newsletter featuring the first ever school computer [RM 38OZ with Printer] and sports results.  
  24th. April   Invitiation to Dent Parents and Friends Open days on 17th and 18th May.  
  12th. May   School Day of Action for 14th May.... National anti-Thatcher Cuts campaign.  
  19th May   Newsletter featuring appeals for sports equipment, Pupils successes including Head Boy and Head Girl.  
  22nd May   Internal exams for Years 1,2 and 3.  
  June   Arrangements for studying Creative studies eg Crafts, home economics, woodwork etc.  
  14th. July   Newsletter featuring staff changes, role of Foundation Governorsand Student Railcards.  
  September   Homework schedules for third years, upto 3 subjects @ 30 minutes each.  
  21st. Oct   Newsletter featuring GCE results, destination of leavers [ 98 Upper sixth leavers... 51 to Higher Education, 10 to Further Education and 22 to employment].  
  December   Newsletter featuring Young Mathematicians winning the St.Helens & Knowsley Quiz, and sixth formers carrying out interviews for BBC Radio Merseyside.  
  18th.Feb   Third Year Parents' Evening invitation for early March in the Lathum Wing  
  March * Fourth Year Subject Choices booklet  
  April   Newsletter featuring Sponsored Walk in the Safari Park for the Minibus, Pupils will be visiting Moers in Germany  
  June   Details of Prescot School Carnival on 11th July to be opened by Joe Mercer, ex-Everton player and England Manager.  
  July   Newsletter featuring staff changes including Mr.Dai Davies' leaving, Sports results, Pupil achievements in Higher Education and travel scholarships from the Foundation Governors.  
  October   Newsletter featuring PSA officers recently elected, and news that there are 1030 pupils on roll, 135 in the sixth form.  
  18th. Jan   Distribution of latest School Prospectus to parents.  
  17th. Feb.   Newsletter featuring school charity collections, diary dates and disco at the Spencer Briggs Hall.  
  19th. Mar   Withdrawal of Teachers' voluntary assistance in the school day.  
  6th. April   Newsletter featuring transfer pf pupils from Lathum to Park Wing, Granada Power Game - a technology challenge- and sports results.  
  14th. June   Arrangements for School visit to Fulwood Barracks in Preston!  
  July   Newsletter featuring staff changes, assignment of pupils to the Lathum Wing and further computing equipment from Forward Chemicals of Widnes  
  19th Oct   Newsletter announcing the death of Mr.Kirby [PGGS], building repairs and new PSA officers.  
  November   Fifth Year Parents' Evening invitation for early March in the Park Wing  
  26th. Nov.   Announcement of the retirements of Miss Manchester [PGGS] and Mr. Kirk [PGS] and present collections for these two long serving teachers.  
  December   Newsletter featuring staff changes including Mr.Danvers leaving, sports and technology successes in local competitions and secondary school reorganisation in Knowsley with reference to sixth forms.  
  3rd. Feb.   Arrangements for Parents to attend Careers Clinics and details of careers courses taken by sixth form such as Information Technology and Community Care.  
  March   Newsletter featuring pending retirements of Mr. W.Watts and Mr.M.Harvey, PSA profits on events and school rock group, 'Jaded Edge' for reaching regional final of National Schools Rock and Pop Contest.  
  8th. June   Arrangements for Sixth Form 'Induction' Course for early July.  
  December   Invitation to Presentation Evening and Prize Giving with Guest of Honour, Mr. Robert Kilroy-Silk, MP.

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