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ALTHOUGH Prescot is essentially an industrial town there are adequate facilities for sports and recreation. In addition to the public recreation ground, many organisations cater for various, sports. The public recreation ground at Eaton Street includes a full size bowling green, laid with Cumberland Turf; it is equipped for children's recreation and there is an adequate area for football and juvenile sports. In Festival Year, Rose Gardens were tastefully laid out, and the Remington Gardens in Warrington Road represents, the Council's desire, not only to beautify the clearance area of the town, but also to make use of slum clearance areas to the best advantage.
The Fazakerley Gardens, at the rear of the Council Offices in High Street, gives a sheltered arborage and flower garden for those who look for peace and rest.

FOOTBALL. Association football is well represented in the town by the Prescot Cables A.F.C., whose ground adjoins the Eaton Street recreation ground. The Club is a member of the Lancashire Combination and has adequate accommodation, both covered and otherwise. Association football is further represented by the B.L Social A.F.C., who play in the Liverpool County Combination on grounds in Warrington Road, which also have stand accommodation. The football pitches on the recreation grounds are used to the full by local junior clubs.

CRICKET. The Prescot Cricket Club has been established since 1854 and provision for three teams is made on the cricket ground at Burrows Lane. Bowling and tennis sections are also attached to the Cricket Club.

GOLF. The Huyton and Prescot Golf Club (18 holes) is situated on the south-western border of the town at Hurst Park.

BOWLS. In addition to the public green at the Recreation Ground, excellent bowling greens are attached to the following: Conservative Club, High Street; Manor Bowling Club, South Avenue; Lady Margaret Bowling Club, Warrington Road; Reform Club, Warrington Road B.I. Social Club, Warrington Road; Prescot Cricket Club, Burrows Lane.

TENNIS. Tennis clubs are:—Prescot Tennis Club, Parkside, Prescot; Prescot Cricket Club, Burrows Lane; B.I. Social Club, Warrington Road; Derby Tennis Club, Ash Grove.

BILLIARDS. Many of the above Clubs also possess facilities for billiards.

INDOOR AMUSEMENTS. The arts and cultural pursuits are represented by such organisations as the Historical Society, the Theatre Club, the Camera Club, and the Road Club, and members of the Methodist Church have established a reputation for musical presentations during the autumn and winter months.

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