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Jeffrey Armson
Alan Kennaugh writes, “So very sad to read here that my friend Jeffrey Armson had passed away. In our childhood years, I lived in Longview Drive, Huyton, and Jeffrey lived three or four doors up from us with his mum, Winnie and dad, Manton and baby sister Rosalind.

Our families were close, and Jeffrey and I shared many adventures in the open countryside that surrounded Huyton in those days. There were a group of of quite large ponds (onetime mine shafts) at the top of the hill and we would play there for hours at a time, fishing for newts, damming streams and making dens.

Rosalind had a heart condition which restricted her movement. She would sit on the front door step and look up at you with beautiful big eyes and a lovely smile; always pleased to see you and always happy. And then one day the step was bare; an operation on her heart which would be almost run of the mill today had taken her away aged four. The famiy were absolutely devastated; so was I, as was everyone who knew her. I don’t think the family ever got over it.

Two years later Jeffrey welcomed into the world his brother, Phillip, who I’ve since learned tragically died at the prenature age of 39.

Jeffrey and I both went to PGS in the fifties, but he was a couple of years younger than me so we were never in the same year,

In later years I went on a walking holiday with Jeffrey in the Peak District and in the early sixties our car was snowed in in a blizzard on a trip just outside Caernarfon. We walked into the town only to find all accommodation booked up, so in desperation we spent the night in cells in the local police station!

Jeffrey was a kind, compassionate and thoughtful friend but soon after I moved to Wallasey in the mid-sixties, we lost touch with each other and it was only in the last couple of years that my wife managed to track him down in Germany. We left a telephone message but he never replied.

I would very much appreciate any information on what Jeffrey did in the intervening period since I was last in contact with him and also what were the ‘unusual circumstances’ in which he died”.

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