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From a letter received from Mr.David Asbridge

Sadly I never made it to Prescot Grammar School although a number of my peers did but more importantly, from a personal point of view, three of my brothers were former pupils at PGS.

Bill, Tom and Bob Asbridge were pupis during the late 1930's and early 1940's; Bill and Tom both had wartime service with the RAF whilst Bob was with the Merchant Navy.   On leaving the services at the end of the war Bill became a teacher, so did Tom after brief career as a professional footballer with Wolves and PNE.   Bob followed a career in Accountancy.

Bill was the eldest of the ten Asbridge boys from Roby and he and Tom attended PGS reunions and celebrations whenever his health permitted.   As a retired Head Teacher, brother Bill had a great affinity with a number of schools in the Roby, Southport and Liverpool areas but his great love was for Prescot Grammar School.

Bill was a very caring and a very gentle man who was much loved by most, if not all that knew him, sadly he died, rather suddenly, in October 2001.  Bill would have been 81 on 7th December 2001.   I write in the hope that some of your more elderly subscribers may remember my brother Bill and may wish to know of his passing away.

I also send my very good wishes to former pupils of PGS who were friends/peers of mine during the 1950's.

Yours faithfully

David Asbridge
(The youngest of the ten Asbridge boys)

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