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Found a couple of photos that I thought you might like for the website. Sorry about the quality.

A dress rehearsal for the school play 'Pygmalion' circa 1965/66.  From left to right Bill Healey, then 'Downsey' as Freddie Eynsford-Hill (that's it I'm afraid).

Partial photo of the school 2nd XI cricket team, again
circa 1965, at Cowley Grammar I think.  The reason I'm not in the photo is because I took it.
I'll have a stab at some of the names.
>From left to right starting at the back
back row: Brian Eades (plain clothes)
2nd from back: Harvey? teacher, Keith Butler, Ken Blundell, Eddie (Malcolm) Herbert,
front row: Roger Halsall (plain clothes), Michael Moss, Massey?, John Collier WK, Nid (Neil) Bamber, Mally Davies?, Ken Poole

Think the teacher is Jim Mountford [Editor]

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