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I am sure you will be shocked to see the attached three photographs from 17th May 1973. They reveal the true extent of the culture of bullying at PGS. In them we see members of the Upper VI (honorary prefects!) turning on one of their own. I have obscured the face of the victim whose identity is best kept undisclosed. We can but guess what Keith Taylor had done to deserve this. As a renowned sensible person, I wish I could have been available to put an end to this cruel nonsense. Unfortunately I was too busy operating the camera.
In the first, we see the victim on the deck with boots raining in. Terry McDonnell sports a fetching lilac coloured shirt. His pale blue denims help accentuate the knee-to-skull action. From the far right Allen (The Grinder) Jessop approaches purposefully with a big stick. In his defence it should be noted that at least he has a badge on his blazer.

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