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Sue needs YOU to sell our city

THE new signing by the other Liverpool team bidding for European glory is a female striker, whose already scored the winning goals for Manchester's Commonwealth Games.

Huyton-born Sue Woodward, 45, media star and mother-of-one, has been hired, in the words of council spin, as 'the fresh pair of eyes' for the second part of the city's campaign to be proclaimed Europe's cultural capital in six years time.

For Sue Woodward, herself, it's a case of coming home. The former pupil of Prescot Girls' Grammar School (and before that Whiston Willis Juniors) started her career on the Huyton Reporter.

She then moved to the ECHO, working as a journalist in head office before being given charge of a district.

Recalls Sue: "I remember having this long discussion with the news editor. It was the first time they had appointed a woman to cover Cantril Farm and Huyton, and he asked if I thought I was up to the job."

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