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  • On arrival at the School, aged 8. being taken in hand by the dragon, Nanny Huckle;
  • That Jack of All Trades, Beesley. who lived by the side of the school in Cross Street;
  • The rolling pin lovingly made in Woodwork, classes. Not given to baking;, it comes into its own for tenderising steak and dealing with burglars;
  • The 'Hall' trebling as assembly room, gymnasium and theatre:
  • The trip to Paris (year ?) Highlights: the top of the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. A model of Sacre Coeur still stands on the sideboard. London at yet unknown!
  • The whole School lining the then private road inside Knowsley Park gates at the other side of St Helens Road from the school - waving flags and cheering as King VI and Queen Elizabeth drove by during their visit to the north-vest in (?) 1937;
  • Being caught during misbehaviour on the trolley bus outside Taylor's ironmongery shop on the Liverpool to Warrington road. The shop has gone.........wht happened to Taytor?
  • Wondering what the grass quadrangle was really for?
  • The use of the wooden ramp, the 'inclined plane' of the obstacle race, as an apron stage in the Hall. Was this a coincidence of dimensions or a 'deep finesse'?
  • Sykes, who taught French briefly ...and left;
  • Tennis on the concrete playground and being handicapped by the diagonal slope and sore feet;
  • Nerissa's scene-closing speech being cut by the operator of the lighting dimmer; (the author played Nerissa and Andreas Priestland must accept responsibility as Chief Grip. Ed.)
  • The slowly spreading smile of Eddie Wood (almost conveying disbelief} on hearing of a certain pupil's 'Credit' in Maths:
  • The Prefects' Party given by Mr Briggs at his house. Cities or towns were to be represented cryptically on a label worn on the breast. John Chant sported, 'A Piece of Wood', (Deal)
  • After being officially refused permission to organise a rugby team, participating in the 1st XI's proud record of: Played 8, Won 7. Drawn 1 in the season 1939-40 with 'Roly' Turner as Trainer/Coach. The Liverpool Shield Competition had been suspended for the duration of hostilities;
  • Jack Smith arriving always 'very well turned out' wearing a chalk-striped, double-breasted suit; the elegance - the only possible word to use in view of the stark utilitarianism of the rest of the school - the elegance of the new library, and the sheer delight of using it for private study.

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