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How did you know how you had 'Made the Grade' at the Boys' Grammar School in the Sixties? The addition of a simple coloured ribbon presented by your house master signified that you had served your house with distinction, whether on the sporting field or your contribution to school life or your involvement in a more sedentary society such as the Inter-House Debating competition. The ribbon was sewn above your blazer's breast pocket badge as above in your own house colours. I remember first getting mine in1969 [Lower Sixth] for playing for the school and house basketball and cricket teams. To have the ribbon was a real 'badge of honour'. I believe that they were awarded after discussions between senior pupils and house masters... almost like the New Years' Honours List.




More significantly, School Colours were awarded in the form of a modified school tie. Firstly, being elected to a role of Prefect entitled you to wear the school tie modified with fine yellow stripes. However, the ultimate school heroes could sport a similar ite with a white inserted stripe. The School Colours were clearly in the gift of the Headmaster and were presented at the last assembly of the School Year before the annual rendition of Jerusalem. As a newt, we revered those who wore the white insert tie, heroes like Geoff Nulty of the often victorious football teams.
Rod Crook writes, 'Obviously things changed markedly in the 60s (in many ways), but in the 1940's and the early 50's only School Colours were awarded. In other words House Colours were not awarded or heard of. In any senior sport School Colours were awarded to perhaps three or four people in any year as I recall it. They took the form of a letter in yellow sitting on a patch of black material about an inch (say 2cm) square, which was then sewn on the top of the breast pocket of a School blazer. Thus eg. I received colours for Athletics, (Victor Ludorum 1951) in the form of the letter 'A' and Hockey in the form of the letter 'H.' there would also be Colours for swimming, cricket and football (soccer). There were no special ties, no special badges, and no big deal of presentation, but they were not easy to get either. '

Duncan Thomas also observed, 'An interesting read about the house colours. I played football for the school at times, ran for the school at cross country, played chess for the school and was in the music/choir so sang for the school. What happens? To my amazement and that of the school at assembly I was awarded my Omega colours in 1964 for-----my performances in the school play (as well as general contribution to the school). It was unheard of. Colours for something other than soccer? Never heard the like. Whatever took some living down I can tell you.

Any more information on school colours and house colours would be most appreciated.... eg When did the practice begin? When did it all end? What did you get yours for? Have I got the tie designs right?

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