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Ste Greenall, "Is there a copy of The Prescotian around, which contained "Corpse Man". A scan of that would be a treat!"

Chris Clee, "Corpse Man on it's way to you & Trevor, Ste. Let me know if it doesn't arrive. Last frame promises he will be back - I think someone should do a follow up! We all used to love this kind of thing, then it all went horribly wrong with the 1976 Prescotian, which, coincidentally I'm sure, was the first co-edited by members of PGGS. I remember a few went straight in the bin."

Editor, " Can we have chapter and verse on production of 'Corpse Man', please?"

Terry (Tex) McDonnell, "Hi.  It's a long time since I dropped in.  I notice the Corpseman section and a request for more details. 'Twas I who produced the comic.  It had started with a ghoulish character created by Bob Connolly and one day I began writing the spoof US mag for my amusement.  It got so a group of us would huddle in the library eagerly awaiting each new frame and providing input to each, as I recall. 

The original was in full colour and when the idea of putting it into Pegasus was first mooted there was a lot of support and opposition to it from both staff and students.  I recall Des Roberts and a few on the student editorial board were against it but the English teacher in charge of the mag (Sorry, at the mo can't recall his name) surprisingly championed its inclusion.

Of course the orig (sadly somehow disappeared from my life) had to be redrawn in monochrome for printing purposes.  Letraset shading kits were used for greyscale shading, and for this I had the assistance of 3 guys (credited on the cover).

As far as I know this was a first for Pegasus for several reasons:  of course the subject matter and content were a bit risque; never before had so many pages been reserved for one submission; for the first time colour was to be used in the magazine.

For the colour element, separate overlays were painstakingly produced and aligned with the main document, and were to be in bright red for the bloody scenes.  Unfortunately, when we came back from the summer holidays, to my horror I discovered that the colour overlays had not been printed.  This is why the huge blood splashes, etc. were left totally blank, which REALLY irked me.  I had no way of telling the whole school the reason why there was no detail here.

The reason for the admission was given that it had been discovered that to print the red would have been too expensive and would have necessitated the removal of several of the other pages from the mag.  This I could forgive, of course, but they could easily have just included the overlays and printed them in black.  Instead it was left blank as if I couldn't handle the detail.

Of course, I colorised my own copy and, AFAIK, that's the only copy that's close to how it should have been.

Anyway, I received a variety of reports on its reception, including several of shocked disapproval from parents, which really gave me a buzz :-)"

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