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On Saturday 17th March this year, two Russian Cosmonauts, Dr Alexander Martynov and Colonel Alexander Volkov gave an inspirational lecture in the school to pupils and parents about what life is really like in space.
  Dr Martynov is a doctor of Technical Science and worked in the Russian Control Centre from 1968 to 1992 as Head of the Ballistics department. He has designed re-entry modules ond controlled their flights to provide soft landings on Earth, Mars and Venus. Dr. Mortynov is the author of a hundred and twenty scientific articles and six books dedicated to spacecraft motion.
Colonel Volkov is a cosmonaut researcher. He has had three space flights, his first was Soyuz T-14, then as Commander of the Soviet French team on board the complex 'Mir,' and lastly as Commander of an expedition from October 1991 to March 1992. Since then he has been Commander of the Cosmonauts Training Centre. In short, he is a highly decorated Cosmonaut.
The lecture was a great success and was sponsored by Merseyside SATRO and has been organised by Knowsley southern Clusterof the Gifted and Talented, Excellence in Cities Initiative. prescot school hosted this unique event as one of many activities initiated from the recent Language College Status.

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