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PGS Cricket 1958 [Harry Moore]
I left PGS in 1958 to go to Manchester University where I studied Chemical Engineering. I have just found your website, and remembered a photo of the School's Cricket Team of 1958.

Back Row: "Spud" Heywood, Dont Know, Harry Moore,  Peter Tilley??, Norman Cutter??, Ken Houghton, Don't Know, Don't Know (Scorer)

Front Row : Graham Badley, Moggy Byron, John Welsby (Captain), David Wilcock, Phil Morgan.

I can recognise myself! (Harry Moore), John Welsby (the Captain), Moggy Byron, David Wilcock, Phil Morgan, Andy Badley, Norman Cutter, & dear old Spud Heyward. Ken Hough &  Mike Cox were also in the team. The rest I can't remember. ( nearly 76, so please excuse a failing memory.


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