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  When Val Shaw started, it was obvious to all the pupils that the masters were doing their utmost to impress her in various ways. One particular day I was in an unruly mob outside the art room waiting for Val to come along and start her class.
She duly appeared with "The Beak" Harvey who happened to be going in the same direction. On seeing us milling around and not being in the requisite two lines "Beak" realised that this was his opportunity to gain some favour in Val's eyes. In an effort to excercise discipline he promptly bellowed out "Right boys two abreast!". He had obviously not considered what he was going to say before he had said it.
Result--- Much howling of laughter and chaos within the group,Val very red in the face and once he had realised what he had said "Beak's" face even redder accompanied by much mumbling. [Steve Peverall]

My sister had a crush on a teacher whom I shall graciously refrain from naming. She wrote him a love letter and recorded a tape for him, and I agreed to be the go-between. Apparently it was quite the talk of the staffroom. I am a teacher myself now, so in retrospect I can appreciate how embarrassing it must have been for the poor fellow, not to mention potentially hazardous from a professional point-of-view. I was rather naive in those days, I'm afraid! [Dave Kernick]

There was my favourite, Joyce Thomas who took us for French.  I note the nick-name given her elsewhere on this site (T*tty).  We never called her that however as she frequently wore a home knitted sweater with her initials JT embroidered  in a “prominent” position she was called J**cy T*ts by all of us.  We especially appreciated Miss Thomas for her last day of term “treats” when she would hoist herself up onto the teachers table at the front of class and whilst swinging her legs in time to the music would sing such songs as “Frere Jacques” or Sur le Pont d’Avignon. [Ted Moore]

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