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Some of you are bound to know or remember David Evans, who was originally at Whiston Willis Primary School, and who attended PGS 66-73 I think (he was born 15/5/55). He had most recently been a solicitor working for Tickle Hall Cross in St Helens, and figured in local Round Table activity in recent years.
David died last week at 49 years of age. He lived locally, on St Helens Road between the Welly and the Grapes. He leaves a wife and a 13 year old son Richard. He had been aware of his condition for only 2 weeks when he died.It was his funeral today.

The request at Davids funeral was for donations to Willowbrook Hospice or to the church where the funeral was held. I expect there were family flowers... what may be in order would be a donation from the fund to Willowbrook in memory of particular individuals as appropriate? Willowbrook needs every penny it can get, and I would imagine it has already supported many ex PGS/PGGS people.. pretty local cause to support as well. What do you reckon? [Alan Higham]

David Maurice Evans was one of my most successful contemporaries, as I recall, being in the top class for just about everything and consistently coming top or near the top in the school exams at every stage. He was also a first violinist in the school orchestra of "Joe" Kirk. Aside from his academic achievements, he had an easy-going nature and I can recall swapping the odd joke with him. For some reason, I remember when we were both fourteen, comparing notes on a common new activity - shaving! [Ken Holt]

I am deeply saddened to read of the death of David. I greatly admired David at school for the way he put himself wholeheartedly into everything he did and not just the academic subjects at which he did so well. I felt that he always knew the right thing to do according to his Methodist upbringing and would do it even if it meant some personal discomfort or sacrifice. He earned the respect of his contemporaries and they showed it when he was elected as one of the four "head boys" that we had in our year.

David was often known as "Morris"; as I recall, this was started by Fred Webster to distinguish him from David E Evans in the same class. The name gained popularity, although I suspect that David quietly preferred his first name. If he had hoped to revert to being David when he went up to Brasenose, Oxford he was to be disappointed; John Parkinson and Andrew Griffiths were there with him and as a result many of his contemporaries never knew him by any other name than "Morris".

When I was about nineteen I spent a little time in hospital. David heard, and wrote me a warmly sympathetic letter in his beautifully neat handwriting. I was very grateful for it.

I hope that someone who knew him better and longer can serve his memory better than I have here. My sympathy goes out to his loved ones. [Alan Jolley]

My condolences to David's family. [Pete Griffiths]

I have just read of the death of David Evans (DM) and like my Kappa colleagues from the 1966 entrants, would like to extend my sympathies to his family. I recall the initial confusion of names with DE Evans, another David with whom I attended Prescot Primary school, with the inevitable outcome of "DE" and "DM". While DM was not a close friend of mine, I found him to be a very studious and polite chap, and when called upon by myself to play in the weekly soccer games against the other houses, always performed well, even though he was not a particularly enthusiastic sportsman. So sad to hear the news, 49 is just not enough, my thoughts go to his wife and 13 year old – I have one of those myself. [Paul Gerrard]

So sorry to hear the news of David 'Morris' Evans. Along with all the other old boys of 1966 intake, I mourn his passing. Had no contact with him after we left school, but he is still in my memory as an academic type. I too remember the confusion of two David Evans' in the same class. Condolences to his wife and family. [Geoff Sumner]

I am working with the Bosnia at the moment but I am kept in touch with the real world by my wife sending me e-mails recieved from home. I was very saddened to hear about David. It is certainly a sign of advancing years when you hear more about the deaths of former colleagues rather than their marriages or the births of their children.I have read Ken Holt's comments and, like him, I recall David as being an extremely bright pupil. This would account for me not remembering him too well from school days as we were not in the same set for many subjects! My sympathy goes to his family. [Ray Gorbutt]
David was a quiet, very straight guy, but there was a a very warm, humorous side to him too. And he was pretty good at table tennis, as I recall! Apart from our time at school, when we were good friends, he also acted as my solicitor for house conveyancing and divorce. I lost touch the last couple of years, but I really did appreciate his friendship. [Stuart Duncan]

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