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The Life and Times of White Hart House [Dent, Cumbria]
Prescot Grammar School Foundation Governors embarked in 1968 on an investment strategy which was to prove without doubt of immense advantage to the Fund and of immeasurable benefit to the School. This was the purchase of White Hart House situated in the centre of the lovely Yorkshire village of Dent. This property became the first field study centre and staff and boys were in occupation during the Summer Term, 1970 after extensive internal alterations. A very successful Open Day was held on July 5, 1970 when over three hundred parents visited Dent.

During the school's tenure, it was used by the School to the benefit of hundreds of pupils. Because of structural problems on the upper floors and limits to any possible extension of the property, further major renovation was not possible. Consequently the property was sold in 1988 for the sum of 44,000.

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