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Sgt. Samuel James Whittingham
Craig McIntosh was going through his grandparents' papers when he found some newspaper cuttings regarding an ex pupil who was decorated for bravery in WW2.
The cuttings refer to Sgt. Samuel James Whittingham who was a Prescot Grammar School boy from 1930 to 1935. During the Second World War, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for his bravery in an air raid over the strategic French Atlantic Coast port of St. Nazaire, which was heavily defended by the Nazi occupiers.
We are privileged to bring to you the three newspaper cuttings about Sgt. Whittingham:
The Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) was instituted together with the DFC in 1918, and was awarded to NCOs and men for bravery whilst flying on operations against the enemy. All DFMs were named with the recipient's details around the rim of the medal. The World War One medals had the details impressed. The Second World War DFMs had the details engraved.

During World War I, approximately 105 DFMs were awarded, with 2 first award bars. During World War II, approximately 6,000 DFMs were awarded, with 60 first award bars and 2 second award bars.

All the DFM awards are listed in the London Gazette. A few of the First World War entries have a citation. The majority of Second World War DFM awards have citations.

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