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In the 1960s, Prescot Grammar School dominated the local football scene, winning Lancashire Shields regularly under the coaching and direction of Jimmy Dewsnip. Nominate a player for any postion of a PGS 'Dream Team', giving your reasons. This team could be from all years but must have a workable shape [eg 4-4-2]...

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Position Player Names Decade Nominated by Reasoning
Goalkeeper Stuart McIntosh 1960's Trevor Powell Just always seemed to be there!
Defender #1 Robbie McDougall 1960's Dave Farrier PGS answer to the Nevilles!!
Defender #2 Tom Asbridge 1930's Reputation Played for Wolves and Preston
Defender #3 Tony Bickerstaffe 1960's Reg Farrier  
Defender #4 Ron Morley 1960's Glyn Phillips  
Midfield #1 Alan A'Court 1940's Reputation Played for Liverpool and England
Midfield #2 Geoff Nulty 1960's Reputation Played for Everton and Newcastle
Midfield #3 Jimmy Staunton 1970's Guy Lovelady  
Midfield #4 Brian Nicholson 1970's Glyn Phillips  
Striker #1 Derek McClatchey 1970's Forum Played for Huyton Boys
Striker #2 Dave Bamber 1970's Steve Sergison Played for Blackpool
Substitute #1 John Collier in goal 1960's Dave Farrier  
Substitute #2 Derek Lyon on the wing 1960's Dave Farrier  
Substitute #3 Bruce McDougall 1960's Dave Farrier PGS answer to the Nevilles!!
Substitute #4        
Substitute #5        

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