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"It may look a bit of a dump from the outside, but this school has a good atmosphere ."So observed one of the new masters to join the staff last year. Made quite sincerely, this remark seems to express perfectly the nature of P.G.S. We all know well the dismal, ark-like profile the school presents to the outside world, and it is a traditional Prescotian pastime to pass cruel comments on our "educational shanty-town". The fact remains however that generations of Prescotians have come to terms with their surroundings. They seem to have realised that it is not so much buildings that matter, but rather the people in them. A "good atmosphere" has been established as a tradition in P.G.S. and it has produced success for the school,when failure would appear likely : success in examinations at all levels ; success in football, cricket, hockey and athletics ; success in dramatic and musical activities ; success in school societies j success, above all, however, in establishing the reputation of P.G.S. as an educational establishment to be admired.

It is hoped that this "atmosphere" can be conveyed in this very magazine-Certainly, the improvements in the magazine's form over the past few years have attracted praise. The signs are, too, that technical improvements are being matched by literary ones. What encourages most is the variety of material offered from the whole range of the school. No longer is it necessary to "press-gang" first-years, or sixth-formers for that matter, into offering articles. There seems to be a general awareness throughout the school that the magazine offers a valuable opportunity for personal literary expression - a privilege that may be effectively denied later in life. There remains only the barrier of self-consciousness to be overcome before a majority of boys will be offering articles for the magazine. That time, we are sure, is not too distant.

That it is 1970 and thus the start of a new decade has not gone unnoticed, but the editors will resist the temptation to offer predictions for the next ten years. Let it suffice to say that there will be changes, losses, setbacks and disappointments experienced in the school. But these will, of course, be outweighed by successes and gains, and we feel sure that throughout the decade to come the character of Prescot Grammar School will remain strong and exciting.

Our thanks and appreciation must go to all those who have helped in any way, to produce this magazine ; particularly to our Business Editors, the Art Department who provided the i1lustrations for the magazine and last, but not least, all those who offered articles for publication. We hope that they will
feel their efforts to be well-rewarded.

Finally we must mention the retirement of Mr. Heywood. It is a great loss not only to the English Department but also to the School Community as a whole. For "Spud" always managed to put as much energy into various school activities as into his own teaching. We wish him a long and happy retirement, and hope to see him back at the school on as many occasions as possible.

S.B.H. & I.RW

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