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It's a bit difficult dating some ot the photos, From Memory I would suggest 1956 for the Staff v School cricket match (Briggs & Co)  Probably 1954 for the Queen passing the school, (someone must remember, lets face it she only did it once!)

The Orchestra and Choir will also be about 1954, as I left the Orch. before O levels in 1955. 

I also had a self confidence problem in that in 1955 I would have been leader, and didn't have the bottle to do it!  Thinking about it, the Queen photo could have been 1953, as she stayed the night at Knowsley Hall, and my Dad was there as a minion, and went on and on for days about how beautiful she was, and how he bowed and said "good evening" to her.  Mind you he was p*ssed at the time!!! 

Mum and I were only allowed to stand outside the Hall to see her arrive.  I have never seen so many Rollers in one place ever before or since!!    

Kind regards, Geoff Farrell  

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