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The great little hotel, baking hot at night but great little breakfast area. Main meals at the railway station. Cannot remember exact dates but do recall a long journey to Newhaven. Kelly threatening other school groups on ferry. Easy train journey from Dieppe to paris. Monty with his large stash of fags on the coach across Paris. Long rail journey through France overnight, sleeping in luggage racks etc. Amazed to see the sports complex in Millau on way in. Swimming in the river Dorbie, Macintosh cutting his nose when diving into river and hitting rocks. Swimming from a beach on the tarn with Alan Blumenthal and Peter Gore and being well of shore at the sewerage boat discharged allsorts just up river from us. Wondered why the locals had left the water. Very hot weather, trips to the Rochfort cheese caves, Hydro Electric plant on the Albi, Gorges du Tarn, Cause du Larsac ? Much pinball gaming in local hangout. Eating french was not my favourite, the idea of horse put me off. Stopped in Paris for the day on the way back. Had no money  
  left and thankfully Steve Duvall helped and we went up onto first platform of the Eifel Tower and had 1 bag of chips and a coke(shared) all day. Rough crossing on way back. Music of the trip.. Whiter shade of Pale, All you need is love, I was made to love her, come to mind. I bought some very wide yellow braces and corduroy shoes, wow what a fashion icon. Came back and spent a good time of the holidays keeping John Allen (badly broken leg) company. Happy days…. am now a teacher and the trips do have a little more 'health and safety' involved.

Left: Memorial to the explorers who discovered the Aven Amand caves.

Right: Gorges du Tarn. It was very impressive in real life.


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