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Ken Ball writes, "This is the hockey team of 1957/58 and the personnel are , from left to right,

back row : Mr. Davies, Chris Christensen, Albert Jukes, 'Alf' Tansey, Grenville Lytham, forgotten, forgotten, Roger Dixon,

front row : forgotten, Ian Fell, Maurice 'Moggy' Byron, Ken Ball, forgotten".

( My apologies to those whose names I've forgotten. )

Clive Baxendale adds, "The photograph of the 57/58 hockey team shows a few forgotten players. I think the last man on the back row right is Derrick Twamley and the player in front of him (last right) is Alan Baggeridge they were both in 5B that year. The front left is very familiar but my memory also fails me not surprising after a 65 year gap".

Alan Curphey chips in, "Bottom row on left Malcolm Barton, bottom row right Alan Baggeridge a.k.a. the galloping hairpin!"

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