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John Wilmott writes, "Miss Huckle's niece wrote in, apparently, enquiring about her aunt who had died in 1972".

Miss Huckle did two jobs really: she looked after Form I in the old Prep Department. I remember her at my entrance exam to the Preparatory Department when she called me forward for my "oral" and asked me recite the alphabet backwards: I was 8 years old at the time. I remember her teaching us in Form I in 1943-44. Her other job was to sell school caps and blazer badges, as also the badges for our caps. She had a store cupboard to Room 4.
With the advent of the Education Act of 1944, two things happened relevant here. One was school fees were abolished and I remember collecting a cheque from the school to my Dad in repayment of fees previously paid. The other was that Prep Depts were closed down and the 11+ examination was introduced in the Spring of 1945: I was one of the first set of pupils at PGS to sit this examination and to pass it!
That is where Miss ME Beresford came in. Miss Huckle had joined the staff of the school in the 1920's whereas Miss Beresford came in about 1943/44. She took over with Form IIb where Miss Huckle finished off with Form I. Miss Beresford taught us in both Form IIb (2nd year of the Prep Dept) and in Form IIa (3rd year of the Prep Dept) and in IIa, prepared us for the 11+ examination, there being no younger boys coming through with the demise of the Prep dept. Miss Huckle went back to her original subject of Geography which was also that of Miss Beresford: I was taught by both of them as I progressed through Forms IIIb1, IIIa1, IVb1 and the Fifth Form.

When I came to leave the school in July 1953, it was to Miss Huckle and Miss Beresford that I went especially to say Good Bye. Both were great friends and I seem to recall that I heard through the grapevine that at the weekends in the summer, they used to play tennis at Mr Dixon's home with other teachers at PGS.....a world quite separate, and rightly so, from the school life of the boys at the school.

A special memory: I went to buy a school cap or was it a blazer badge from Miss Huckle after 4-00pm on a day in 1945. She told me that she had heard that the war was over and that there would not probably be any school the following day. There wasn't so that was the day before VE (Victory in Europe) day: we had to wait for the school summer holidays in 1945 for VJ day.

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