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Catherine Jackson by Geoffrey Dixon
Secretary and Bursar, Prescot Grammar School 1957 to 1984

GENERATIONS of Old Boys will be sad to hear that Catherine Jackson has died after a long and painful illness. She was appointed secretary to Spencer Briggs and became School Bursar that post was created. She served under three first- time headmasters, Michael Brown, John Weekes and Peter Barlow. During that time she immersed herself in the affairs of the School and became a mine of information on the school staff and pupils. She provided continuity at a time of rapidly changing personnel and circumstances. I am sure that all those headmasters would testify, to the help she gave them during their initiation into the office. I know how helpful she was when I was called upon to act as head. I was impressed by her sterling qualities of loyalty and sound judgement. In addition, she had a quiet sense, of humour and I valued her friendship.

One of her responsibilities was to inspect absence notes and she could detect a forgery at, fifty paces. Truants have, cause to remember her skill. During her term of office she came to identify herself with the School. She was present at functions and was a welcome guest at staff social gatherings. She was conscious of the fine line which separates school administration from the business of teaching. She had a keen eye and ample opportunity to observe what was going on both official and unofficial, but she confined herself to her own concerns where she excelled.

Catherine Jackson was indeed a loyal servant of the School at a very important period in its history. We, mourn her passing.

We are indebted to The Rev.d S. P Attwater, Vicar, St Thomas's Church, Eccleston, Westfield Street, St Helens, who has provided details of some of Catherine's many contributions to the life of the parish : Secretary, Parochial Church Council, Sunday School Teacher, Covenant Secretary, Parish Representative for U.S,P.G., Clerical Assistant to the Vicar, Pastoral Visitor and further afield as Se cretary, High Leigh Conference Centre and Secretary, Swanwick Conference Centre.

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