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I have been planning and working on a list of all the boys who were at any time in my form at PGS. My ageing memory being what it now is, completing the list proved to be quite a memory test. There is no guarantee of the list's completeness/accuracy of course! Boys who spent at least SOME time in my form while I was at PGS (1948-1954): I have added a brief comment beside some names.)
1. Alan A'Court
2. Brian Ashall
3. Brian Boocock
4. Brian Nulty (we "swapped" bikes after mine got "twisted" in an accident.) (See notebelow)
5. Cliff Barnes
6. David Baty (we did our Scouts' Linguist badge together, with Mr Scott.)
7. David Hayes
8. Derek Rowlands (always at least one step above me in form position!)
9. Don Moran (died in our first year)
10. Ken Mackie (or his brother)
11. Edward Wright (superb artist/sketcher)
12. Eric Finney (I've been in e-mail contact with one of his relatives concerning the "Finney Family Tree".)
13. Frank Pye
14. Geoff Bowen
15. Geoffrey Heap
  16. George Boardman (excellent cellist), might have spent some time later with the Hallé Orchestra?)
17. David Earl
18. George Lee
19. Gordon Gilkes
20. Graham Swift (I later worked with him at Pilkington Bros. Central Analytical Laboratory near St. Helens.)
21. John Crompton
22. John Shard
23. Keith Highcock
24. Ken Arens
25. Mike Bland
26. Ken Jolley
27. Ken Morris (the reddest hair I had ever seen!)
28. Les Moss (His home was where I first saw TV, whilst trying to do our homework together.)
29. Leslie Jones
  30. Micky Curran - a little "strange"
31. P.J.P. Priest (always "envied" his expensive- sounding holidays on the continent).
32. Robert Geddes. Always wore boots rather than shoes.
33. Roy Silcock (my main "sidekick" in "helping" the groundsman Mr.Gurney pick blackcurrants and redcurrants in Mr. Briggs' garden at the end of  spring term, thereby avoiding some class time!)
34. Sylvester Hughes (died in a road accident in the 1950s/60s.)
35. Ted Richardson
36. Ted Wilcock
37. Willy Myatt
38. Xxx Ward
39. xxx  Webb
40. Ken Cox
41. xxx Ferenszy (spelling

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