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The Teaching Awards National Ceremony, hosted by Carol Smillie, was held at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in November, 2001. Ex-Prescot Girls Grammar pupil and renowned actress Sue Johnston [nee Wright] was presenting one of the awards on the night.

Sue commented, "I admire teachers but I couldn’t be one. Kids can be cruel. The best teachers are strong and can control a class. Parents must take some of the blame for poor behaviour. I remember lots of my old teachers - one in particular, who had cast me in my first play, ‘The Tinderbox’. As I lay on the floor, playing the witch, and people were laughing, I knew I had found the job I wanted to do." Well, the rest is history and yet there was still a big suprise on the night for this warm-hearted actress.

Big cheers when Sue Johnston comes in with her long-lost teacher found by the Beeb and brought on in a particularly emotional reunion.

All the celebrities were asked to nominate the teacher who inspired them to greatness. Sue nominated Nora Potter from PGGS. The BBC Researchers plus help from The PRESCOTIAN Forum tracked down Miss Potter and brought the two together for an emotional on-stage reunion. It seems that Sue had been trying to track down her inspiration for some 25 years without success.

During the presentation, this PRESCOTIAN photo of Sue as Grammar School girl from 1958 was on display on the giant video screen!

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