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There's a ditty, popular among servicemen of WW2, about the quartermaster's store and which was often tunelessly 'vocalised' in the backs of three-tonners with blacked-out headlamps returning to barracks or, under a whiie-hut sun, leaving clouds of sand over unpaved desert tracks. The chorus commences, "My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me.......... " Remember ?

To forget or mislay one's gig-lamps is a common enough occurrence. However, when one becomes the servant of three pairs of different optical formulae, the frequencies of forgetting and mislaying becomes three-fold (or is the increase perhaps exponential ?) and life becomes a little more tedious From time to time, a touch of strabismus only serves to add to one's annoyance.

So it is with regret that this must be the last issue of The Old Prescotian for which your present editor will be responsible. The chief purpose of the 'OP' has always been to promote fellowship but additionally to circulate news and reminiscences among those witn interests in the School in one or more of its several forms. It has become a focal point towards which OPs of eight decades have looked. Like its partner The Register, the magazine has surely succeeded in bringing back together old friends who have lost touch through the years. In this way the tables at the reunions have been more densely populated.

I must thank you all for your encouragement and help during the past ten years. I have benefited from your fellowship. I shall miss your letters and the fun and the interest which the Old Prescotian has given me. From your comments, I know it has been worthwhile.

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