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A Level Playing Field [Frank Pye]
A small piece of school history which may not be known to many people now, from sometime in the period 1936,1937 or 1938? 

I remember taking part (with enthusiasm I might add) in a project to benefit the school as a whole.                       

In those days the ground from the school gates towards the heads house sloped steadily upwards to the extent that the turf was level with the top of the St. Helens Road wall. A project was undertaken under the supervision of Mr. Airiss, the groundsman and a labourer helper to level the ground.                                                                             

To dispose of the soil a trackway was laid to the far end of the school grounds towards Evelyn avenue and the back of Tinlings. In that area was a large deep depression In which was the school rifle range. [I don't suppose many later pupils would be aware that the school had such a range].  I think it was in the purview of "drugs" Drewry the chemistry master who when recalled to the colours he turned up on leave as an army colonel .

So hoppers were filled and pushed along the trackway circumventing the cricket square .A number of we keen soccer players gave up many a lunchtime to use pick and shovel to load these hoppers and push them to the rifle range.                                                                               

Eventually the project was finished and to coin a phrase the school now had a level playing field for school soccer matches.                                                                           

I don't claim any high faluting motivation for making these efforts but the inner satisfaction of having done something worthwhile stayed with us for a long long time.  

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