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I have a very clear memory of starting at PGS at the beginning of the summer term, 1941. In my new blazer and cap, I walked up St James' Road with in), Father. We caught up with Herbie Chant and Eddie Wood on the way to school - they both lived in Old Lane. Eddie asked "Is this a new boy, Mr. Littler? We'll look after him." So began a peri od of more than nine years at PGS. Of course. before that time I had passed the entrance exam which meant attending school to be fussed over by Nannie Huckle whilst I sat the test, I can remember a small drawing of a chair w ith three legs and being asked what was wrong with it. What really worried me was having to use joined-up writing.

At the start of each term, at least until the passing of the 1944 Education Act and the arrival of the 11+ Examination, we went to school with an envelope containing 2.14s. 6d. (2.72) to be handed to Miss Bowley later, Mrs. Jack Smith, it being the fee for the tennis tuition. Like most Old Prescotians of my age, I could reminisce for many pages. However, allow me to relate just one incident in particular. One of the set books for the Oxford School Certificate Examination of 1948 was the Collected Poems of Keats and Shelley. Our teacher was Mr. Smith later the husband of Miss Bowley. He was a stern person, not given to humour and frivolity,. One day he entered the classroom at his customary high speed and said in his usual imperious voice. "Take out your Sheets and Kelly\'s". The response of the class I leave to your imagination.

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