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PGS Local History Society [David Whitley]
I really did find this picture in a cupboard when I was looking for something else.

It was taken in the mid nineteen fifties and shows members of the PGS Local History Society on a trip somewhere by bike. I vaguely remember this trip, which was led by a prefect - no teaching staff. I've asked a couple of people who are on the photo and none of us can remember where it was taken. Perhaps that's not too surprising after nearly 60 years. I have a tantalising half memory that it might have been Norton Priory or Halton Castle, but as I used to go all over the place on my bike at that time anyway, that might be a false memory. I'd be interested to know if anyone else might have any ideas.

I can give some names:- Second from left at the top is Dale Heighway; centre top, without cap, Bobby Gilling; next to him on the right in  dark mac and cap is me, David Whitley; extreme right, top row, Chris Hillyer; front left - I think his name was Bailey, but not sure; centre front sitting on wall David Rickards; front right in cycling cape Geoff Slater.

Two contrasting things strike me, freedom and formality. Off we went unsupervised, but most of us wore our school uniform - even caps.

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