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The Mysterious Maisie's Cafe

Tell the Prescotian Webzine of your experiences, direct or indirect, of this fine purveyor of schoolboy contraband!

As I remember if you stayed for dinner you were not allowed out to go into Prescot, and had to stay within the confines of the school. To this end a prefect or a master were stationed on guard duty at the main entrance and the back entrance, as I remember it Bill Gornall was often on duty.

The restriction did not go down too well with those who liked to sneak out to "Maisies Cafe" for a smoke etc.I recall that any deliveries made to the canteen were made via the back entrance, one lunchtime a smsll lorry with loose curtain type sides arrived to make a delivery, whilst Bill Gornall was on duty at the back entrance. The intrepid band of smoking desperados had been discreetly observing this activity for a number of weeks and whilst Gornall was distracted momentarily 5 or 6 of the lads climbed into the lorry hiding behind the curtain sides.

Very soon the driver returned and drove past Gornall and out into Prescot where no doubt the lads clambered out and found their way to "Maisies". I think that the lads (probably Rob O'Brien" must have been watching "The Colditz Story". It was perfectly executed and a joy to behold. I think Bill Gornall organised a search party when he had realised what had happened. [Steve Peverall]

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