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Mrs Catherine Fitzsimmons.....

.....joined the school at Easter as our new Head of Languages. Her opinion so far? "I'm pleased and excited to be starting a new job here at such an important time. The pupils and staff are very friendly and I'm really enjoying myself".

More Language Opportunity

Russian classes have been arranged by Mr Jones for those with the desire to learn a more exotic language. Not many people in this-part of the world can boast a knowledge of this prestigious language. It has its own alphabet (Cyrilic) and the accent sounds brilliant! Well done MrJones and those pupils in Years 8,9 and 10 who have been learning some Russian.

Elsewhere, a second Foreign Lanquage either Spanish, German or French has been offered to all pupils currently in Year 8, and in next Year's 10, about sixty pupils will continue with Spanish and a second Foreign Language. People with some knowledge of two foreign languages and cultures will be highly thought of and have a lot of educational holiday and job opportunities denied to others.
Lets hope that Prescot pupils will make the most of their new opportunities, so long taken for granted in other parts of the country.

New Building for Languages Department

Any time now, a start is to be made on the construction of two new classrooms next to the Languages area. We are disappointed that this work has not been completed already, but look forward to the improved facilities they will provide.

New Technologies

A start has been made on introducing "Interacitve Whiteboards" throughout the school, funded by the Language College. These allow lessons to be presented in an even more stimulating and dynamic way then usual! Images from CD Roms, web sites and computer programmes can be projected for all the class to see. The screen has special properties, allowing the presentation to take place at the touch of a pen.

Other Developments

E-mail links have been established by Mrs Worsfold's Year 9 French group with a school in the South of France near Perpignan. Contact is made every fortnight. Meantime one of our "old girls", Jennie Crossman at Leeds University, is working in a school near La Rochelle.

Last year we took a group to Pamplona in Northern Spain ( famous for the 'bull run' ). This was part of the foreign exchange programme and was a great success with forty plus pupils having a really great time. We received the Spanish group last June and their trip was enjoyed by all. Who could not enjoy Liverpool in the summer?

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