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Prescot Museum Presentation
Just a note to let you know that there will be a display of Grammar School memorabilia at Prescot Museum starting on the 7th July.

I know that the school is metamorphosing yet again but it is so important that its long history is remembered as a new school is opened in Prescot. The display is in the process of being put together but will include items such as some documents from the seventeenth century, an old boys blazer, a very ahead of its time article from a school magazine published in 1928 which describes the school of the future. It even seems to predict the use of internet.

They also have a set of 78s, which they hope to transfer to a digital form, of music by Ted Kirk played by a school band.

If anyone wants any more information they can either use my email address which is or telephone me on 0151 426 5571. Derek Baker, Deputy Head Teacher Prescot School


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