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Not long after leaving PGS, I was in the Coldstream Guards.  As National Service played such a large part in the lives of many, it might be an idea to run a page on which people could put dates, regiment, and where they got too?  Regards.  Keith May  48-55.
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Ken Ashton 1950 RAF Barely two years out of school and still wet behind the ears. Served at RAF Leconfield, Training Command. Played rugby and did athletics for squadron and command. Had a very nasty drill coporal...would like to have had him on parade when I was mayor of Prestatyn in 1986. 'Who's that scruffy old Corporal,' I'd have bawled.
John (Jack) Owen 1955 RAF RAF Hednesford, Yatesbury, Stoke Heath, Moreton

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