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The start of each school year at PGS meant a new copy of the Prescotian magazine. A complete review of the previous academic year, including sports results, exam results, school trip reports and infamous gaffes. The Prescotian presents highlights from various edtions of the Prescotian.
*** The Prescotian Webzine is grateful to Brian Cook for providing complete pdf file copies of the following Prescotian Magazines.
  Brian explains further, "This is the cover of the 1946 magazine. The front, inside front and back covers remained unchanged throughout the ten-year period except that on the front cover the price increased from sixpence to one shilling in 1946.

The inside front cover was always blank and the outside back cover always had the same advertisement for 'Hornes'. Initially, the inside back cover was also blank but, from 1948 onwards, advertisements from 'Johnsons' and 'Jack Sharp' were carried there.

Additionally, this file contains the picture of the winning football team from the 1946 magazine which was tipped into the issue. This file was scanned in colour whereas the magazines are all scanned in black and white without covers.

Nine of the 'Prescotians' are the property of my school contemporary, Terry Threlfall, and I am grateful to him for lending them to me to scan. The 1953 scan is from a Xerox copy and is unclear in a few places. This was obtained from the School Archive [part of the National Archives] which is held in Kirkby Library. We are grateful to Mrs Eileen Hume, the Knowsley archivist [since resigned] who arranged to get this copy".

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