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News and views from the World of Prescotians Sun 26th Sept. 2010
New look for the Prescotian
The Prescotian has been revamped and we hope that you will find the navigation system much clearer. We still need your input whether it be an article, an old photo, anything that helps to increase the unofficial archive and more importantly gives PLEASURE! If everyone had a good look through their old photograph draws or through their collection boxes to find a copy of iether the PGGS annual magazine or the PGS Prescotian... then we would have so much more to keep the memories alive. Somehow, I suspect Knowlsey Borough Council are not that bothered with us judging by the renaming of the school nonsense! CLICK HERE to send in any contributions even if you are experiencing difficulties in how to send in your stuff, where there's a will, there's a way!
New Highlights
Thanks to Keith May and Dale Heighway, several names have been added as well as finding out that the picture was from 1954! More >>>>>

Read the new article about the Great Slides of the harsh winter days of 1947.
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Thanks to Rob Blincow [via Friends Reunited], we have been able to put together a record of the event.
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Photos from the sports year of 1966 at the Girls Grammar School. The editor found these photos on an old back up disk from 2002. Each photo was labeled “sb1? etc. Who is 2SB”? We would like to credit these finds to her!
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Surge in personal profiles
Want to tell the Prescotian more about yourself? ... Then complete on of our personal profile forms in the Find-a-Friend section.

We have new or updated personal profiles from Peter G. W. Jones [1968], Doug Bridson [1968], Ian Williams [1966], David Houghton [1976] and Tony Aylen [1962].
Keep up with the news
Simply subscribe to the Prescotian News Blogger .... all you need is your e-mail address and you will be automatically informed of new stuff at the Prescotian! CLICK HERE
Latest recruits
Roland Kent [47],
Ian Ferguson [02],
Brian Eades [69],
Clifford Hughes [80],
Gillian Kearney [79],
Julie Unsworth [80],
Russell Thompson [96],
Alfred Blohm [53],
Julie Robinson [88],
Colin Davies [74],
Leslie Peet [84]
and Heather Benbow [73] have all joined the Prescotian recently!
Hall of Fame expands
We have added these illustrious former pupils to our Hall of Fame:Ian McIntyre, Ian Williams, Alan Bamford CBE, Professor Andrew Burrows, Professor Graham Hough, William Rogers, Kenneth Crook CMG and Professor Peter Lawrenson,
Read more here
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