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News and views from the World of Prescotians Fri, 11th. February, 2011
A Brand New Message Forum
The Prescotian has revamped the Message Forum on the site as new software has become available from Freeforums. There are several headings and sub forums to interest everyone. You can keep in touch with discussions and debates by simply logging on. Click here to access the new format forum.
Recent Highlights of 2011
Wendy Brackenridge has sent in this terrific photo of her fifth form class at PGGS.

John Barnett, who left in 1962, describes how the Model Aeroplane Club started life in the late fifties.
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A strand on the forum revealed some talented limerick writers. Sadly, they have chosen to hide their talents under bushells around the globe as they all seem to use aliases!
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Remembering the Film Society. Thanks to entries on the forum, We have been able to update our article about the Film Society. Read More

Those of you who are scholars interested in the sixteenth century roots of Prescot Grammar School may find the following link about the Lathom Family and its financial dealings of some help.
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It was November, 1971 when at morning assembly the then deputy head Mr.Elmer lectured the whole school on the problem of the writing on the toilet walls ……. According to Mr.Elmer the perpetrators had “warped minds” and did not belong in a grammar school this being the mentality of Rainhill.
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Congratulations to Robert Burns, who left in 1973, has just been awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours List.
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Latest Recruits
David Finney [1987], Wendy Brackenridge [1977], Alan Birchall [1948], Sharon Bowler [1975], Karen Sandywell [1983]. Liz Bamford [1972], Kevin Evans [1979], John Burt [1969], Tony Heyes [1980], Ian Thorogood [1975], Ray Couch [1976], Paul Vickers [1983], Phil Murphy [1978], Jamie Saltmarsh [1990], Dave Barrigan [1968], Kay Kinlock [1978], Leslie Lever [1984], Barry Wood [1971] and David Griffiths [1974].
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Worldwide Surfers
Over the last few months, the site has been surfed for the first time from such exotic countries as Finland, Hungary, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina and Mexico! World domination beckons! Read More

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