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What's in a nickname?
The other day, I was chatting at the Model Railway club when somebody brought up the topic of nicknames for teachers and how they originated. I remember that on one of my teaching practices in the early seventies that the children called one maths teacher, "Kodak" and they would not tell me why. Then , the eureka moment arrived in the staff room as I noticed his rapid blinking and linked it to the Blinking Simple catchphrase adopted by kodak! When I started my career in a south coast comprehensive school, the students told me about their tless than imaginative teacher nicknames... Mr. Sullivan was "Sully" and Mr. Rice was called "Ricey" and so on!. In vain, I tried to teach them that these were no more than abbreviations with a "y" added!

Further musing brought me to peruse the staffing pages of the website where I found nicknames such as 'The Spitting Portcullis', 'Bullwinkle' and 'Judder'.

The question is how were they derived!

Let us know the provenance of these and other school nicknames ..... can it also be extended to pupils?

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