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Autumn Meeting on Wednesday, 12th September 2012

Dear Friends,                                                                                 

Almost another year will have passed when we meet once again, in a few weeks time, to enjoy our Reunion Lunch at the Golf Club, and share a few hours amongst good friends, for a period of nostalgia.

Ken Ball hosted the June meeting, 33 members attended and 1 guest. We welcomed the guest Mr. Norman Hodson who attended PG S during 1943-1948. He came as a guest of Dick Le Fleming and has now decided to become a member of our club.

The bottle of wine for the first reply was won by Eric Finney who travelled that morning up from West Sussex.

Alan Richardson reported on his research into the archives of the Prescot Grammar School and read interesting articles from the many items he had copied whilst on his visits. Alan has invited Trevor Powell to the Autumn meeting so we can be informed of the present position regarding the plaque on the site of the old School which we agreed at our meeting last September should be in Church StreetTrevor may also outline his involvement in the Prescot Grammar School Old Boys Website.

On a sad note we were informed that Arthur Jackson had passed away in June, and "Pat" Bailie has also died at the beginning of August.

Members of the PGSOB Luncheon Club "owe quite a lot" to Pat Bailie because the initial concept of holding reunion meetings was proposed by him, and it was entirely through his effort and a small sum donated from his old boys'magazine account "The Old Prescotian", that The Old Prescotians' Luncheon Club was established becoming "Prescot Grammar School Old Boys Luncheon Club". Pat Bailie's Funeral is on Wednrsday, 22nd August at St Michael'sChurch, Aughton at 2pm.

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