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Spring Meeting on Wednesday, 14th March 2012
Dear Friends,

Another year begins and our Spring Reunion Lunch is in a few weeks time. Unfortunately we have to start the year with the very sad news that Alan Jones, a founder member and stalwart of the Luncheon Club, passed away suddenly on New Year's Day. Alan was a very well respected member, not only of our Luncheon Club, but numerous other Organisations. He was an active member of both Prescot Probus Club and Rainhill Probus Club. He was Organist at Rainhill Methodist Church for many years and also helped out at St Ann's Church at Rainhill. Alan was associated with choirs and has provided the music at musical evenings. He also taught music to students who did extremely well in exams. Alan will be sadly missed.

The attendance at the Christmas Meeting was excellent with 45 members and Ken Ball in the chair. The 'bottle' for the first reply from an eligible member (ie not having previously won it) was Ron Sands. Sam Rodden is still clearing his wine cellar and he donated 4 bottles to cheer up some lucky persons at Christmas.

Contributions from the floor by George Smith, Jack Moss, Ken Ball, Eric Orme, Des Roberts and David Forshaw kept us amused. We would like others to come prepared with a joke or story, so the regulars can sit back for a change.

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