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Attending a PGS Old Boys' Lunceon Club (September, 2012)
I had been contacted by former PGS pupil and later cricket colleague Allan Richardson, who attended PGS upto 1950. He was calling me to invite me to attend the September 2012 Luncheon.

Apparently, the membership of the club were eager to find out about the Prescotian website. I readily, but a lttle apprehensively accepted the invitation. I had spoken in front of a national conference before but never to such a select and august group of my school seniors especially as quite a few would have known my father!

I arrived promptly at 11.45am and proceeded into the bar area where I was warmly greeted by Allan, who I had not seen for some forty years. Allan took no time in introducing me to both Ken Wilcock and Arnold Atkinson, who organise these quartely get-togethers.

As members arrived and bought their drinks, we were called into the dining room and took our seats. There were some 41 members present, when Ken Wilcock called for everybody's attention. His first duty was to announce that two stalwart members of the Club had passed away since the last luncheon. We stood in silence as a sign of respect for both Arthur Jackson and Pat Baillie.

Apologies were read out when the air of solemnity was broken by the late entrance of a very popular former pupil and master, Des Roberts who took his eat whilst being the subject of light hearted banter. The club has a tradition of raffling bottles of wine to the membership and five lucky winners emerged.

During interludes in the meal, Ken Wilcock took advantage to move through his agenda. Two members came forward and gave appreciations on the lives and contributions of both Pat Baillie and Arthur Jackson. These were presented by Cecil Pickavance and Ken Ball respectively.

  As coffee was served, Allan Richardson was called upon to bring the members up to speed on his investigation with Knowsley Council officers.

Allan also made a suggestion to the wording that could be included on a proposed plaque on the site of the original school building in Church Strret but also making reference to the later sites in High Street and St. Helens Road.

I was asked to give a short talk on the progress of this website. An interesting thought had struck me as to how far and wide former pupils had settled and more importantly the range of skills and knowledge they took with them!

A short question and ansewer period saw me to the end of my allotted time. shotly afterwards, the luncheon was officially closed and some of the members started their long journeys home.

On a personal level I enjoyed myself very much. I met names from my father's past, even though he did not attend the school. During the luncheon, I just could not put a name to very familiar face only to find out that it was former biology master, Roy Taylor who had been sitting on a nearby table! Special mention must be made for Brian Cook, down from Scotland, who has been a regular contributor and supporter of the website and to Allan Richardson for his kindness in inviting me.

I would recommend the luncheon club to anyone who wishes to reminisce about life at the school and not to be put off by the fact that most members were leavers in the fifties decade.

Floreat Prescotia, as they say!

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