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Match of the Day, SCHOOL 7 OLD BOYS 0

From the Old Boys' point of view the soccer match against Prescot School was very disappointing. The School players, however, had every reason to congratulate themselves on a clear victory which they fully deserved They played attractive, well-disciplined football.

The Old Boys, albeit under the disadvantage of not previously having played as a unit, were over elaborate and rarely threatened the School goalkeeper. In addition, poor covering in defence allowed too many openings.

It was also disappointing that several Old Boys who were due to play failed to put in an appearance, thus letting down the side. Others, who submitted their names too late but expected automatic selection would be well advised to attend the annual reunions in order to ascertain which activities are to take place.

I should like to thank those players who did turn out: at least they were tough enough to accept defeat in a sporting manner.

E C REID (Capt)


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