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The Old Prescotian was published annually from 1990 by Editor, Pat Bailie. Unfortunately, Pat is no longer able to maintain his sterling efforts. However, Pat and Brian Cook have passed son all the magazines and highlights are presented here for your pleasure. The changing cover artwork is shown below, click on thumbnails for larger version! [I apologise for any typographical errors which stem from OCR scanning!]
Old Prescotian 1990
Rising like the Phoenix from the Fire Jim Taylor [1936-42]
Early PGS Memories William Matthew Cheetham [1921-29]
More PGS Memories Gerald Gleave [1919-26]
Forty Two Years Hard Labour Geoffrey Dixon
Them was the Days Jack Smith [1938-?]
Old Prescotian 1991
Old Prescotian 1992
Pupil and Teacher Des Roberts [1946-1990]
The Timber and the Tiles [G.K.Davidson 1942-1946]
Experiences not to be Missed Bill Asbridge [1933-1940]
A Tale of Two Heads Bill Asbridge [1933-1940]
A Reading List Dennis Tickle [1938-43]
Charivaria Arthur Perkins [1930-40]
Old Prescotian 1993
Old Prescotian 1994
Old Prescotian 1995
Old Prescotian 1996
Prescot School Endowment Fund Arthur Whitaker
Not in Your Time, Brown! Michael J.Brown
Old Boys Football Howard Nulty
Old Prescotian 1997
Peter Barlow, Headteacher 1977 to 1997 Pat Bailie
Lathom House Pat Bailie
First Days at PGS John Littler
Prescotia Mutata Pat Bailie
Gilbert Burrows Des Roberts
Catherine Jackson Geoffrey Dixon
Old Prescotian 1998
Old Prescotian 1999
Gill Burns... Sportswoman
Bats and Rats Harvey Richard
A Trophy Room Pat Baillie
Richie Recalled Charles Sephton
Old Prescotian 2000

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