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This photo was acquired from the Knowsley Council Photographic Archive and dated the view of the St.Helens Road to between 1924 and 1944. Rod Crook feels that it is more accurate to date the photograph as from the 1930s,

"Without doubt it should be located firmly in the 1930s section.   Here are a couple of reasons.  The Hall was not built well after the first part of the School. The house I was born and brought up in was built in 1930 and is clearly visible- looking across the playing fields to St James Road (note that the old hedges are still there).  Nothing would have been photgraphed in the 1940s (time of war), and also there are some missing air raid shelters-  on St James Rd itself as well as the School.  My best guess as to time would be late 1930s-    say 1937 to summer 1939.   ( I also think I see signs of the old tennis nets on the playground and tennis was notplayed in the 1940s).

Someone else might be able to narrow this down more precisely but that's not far off!"

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