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Looking through some family records the other evening I came across the attached photo which I didn'tknow I had. Hope it is clear enough for you to use. It is the school choir and orchestra 1961/62, the only year I was in the choir (as a treble). My voice broke that summer and that was that as far as singing in the choir went! "Joe" Kirk is once again absent (compare other orchestra photos) and I can only identify a handful of people on it (this is 40 years ago). I recognise a lot of faces but can't recall the names that go with them. Maybe other site members of the various years involved can help in confirming/ correcting my thoughts and/or adding their own. So here goes:
Extreme front left (with guitar) is Tony Hazzard. (if he'd been a Beatle this photo might be worth a few bob now!). Next but one to him is W.D.(?)  Johnson (head boy that year or the year after). Front centre left on flute is Stuart McIntosh (later football 1st XI goalie ). Extreme front right (on violin?) is Bob Steel. To his immediate right Geoff Johnstone???.

Moving back to the choir and the row sitting on the stage front edge:- On extreme left, next to Newell Post on banister rail, Steve O'Leary (?) supreme mile runner in later years. Next but three -yours truly.Next but three again and dead centre - Graham Eades of our year. Next but three again Gerald White (?) of our year.Next but two Brian Shaw (?) of our year.

Row behind:- Fifth in from left G.K. Wilson (Willo) - scorer for cricket 1st XI in later years and who, standing as the Liberal candidate, won the school General Election in 66? or 67? (much to "Spud" Heyward's delight - see appreciation of him). Fifth from extreme right - Norman Gray of our year. Next to him John Collier (?) of our year.

Row behind:- Centre - Graham Ledger

Can anyone else identify any others? One other point, really a question. This photo was taken in the old hall which doubled as the gym. The numerous plaques hanging on the walls - what was their significance? Anyone know/remember?

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