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Steve Evans in Madrid has suggested a page devoted to the slang/idiom/phraseology of Prescot Schools
Expression Translation Contributors
Newt : New boy Craig MacIntosh
To let off : To fart or as school dictionary would say 'slight explosion between the legs' Ste Greenall
Crow : Name given to describe nasal pickings aka a bogey, hence "How many crows can pick from your nose in an English country garden". Steve Evans
Greeny : Name given to a lump of phlegm Steve Evans
Sagging : Skiving, truanting, skipping a lesson Trevor Powell
C.W.B : Rough book... aka your class work book' Trevor Powell
Murkin : Name applied to the less attractive girls from PGGS Trevor Powell
Tea Party : Gilbert Burrows' misnomer for vocabulary test detentions Trevor Powell
Yocker : Spit or spittle - as in "We're having a contest to see who can yocker highest up the bus-stop pole". (OED please note!) Mick Howarth
Twanked : Severely beaten....derivation obvious Jeff Easthope
Lucy/Loosey : Used to denote a loose cigarette, especially when purchased from Maisie's cafe. Anon.
Detto : Detention after school Dawn Lawrenson
The Nab : He was the prefect they sent out from the school canteen when there were two or three spaces left at the first sitting at dinner-time. If you wanted to eat with your mates at the second sitting (thus avoiding a cold dinner if you were caught by The Nab) you moved quickly in the opposite direction! Paul Gerrard
High Pressure/Low Pressure : Frank Webster's graphic illustration of this involved the introduction of a ruler to the backside, low pressure with the flat side and the more painful high pressure applied with the thin edge. Painful! Paul Gerrard
Cherry :blush. The announcement "He's got a cherry on!" was guaranteed to enhance and prolong the sufferer's embarrassment Alan Jolley
Poser :an exhibitionist, a show-off, an attention seeker. Possibly a mispronunciation of  "poseur",  but the related forms
         pose(v) - to show off
         pose(n) - the act of posing
     were also in common use.

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