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Document of Identity (Issue 4)
1. Introduction

Following the winding up of the Prescot Grammar School war memorial committee, winch had been formed to fund and replace (at Prescot Comprehensive School) the war memorials lost in the fire at the St Helens Road site, it was agreed that the bond of fellowship, winch tins committee had engendered, should be continued.

It was felt that occasional lunch ( "Pubnosh **) meetings at acceptable establishments within a 20 mile radius of Prescot, would be of appeal to those old boys who had fond memories of the old school.

The first of these events was held in 1994 at The Stanley Arms, Gillars Green, St Helens, and by the year 2000 no fewer than 14 separate happy and growing reunions had taken place, all of which were in addition to the annual reunion held at Statham Lodge in Cheshire, which also included the past pupils of Prescot Comprehensive School.

It had also become practice to have our own end of year PGS reunion at the Rocklands Hotel in Raininll, but after the hotel was closed, the 2001 Christmas reunion was held at the Huyton and Prescot Golf Club for the first time.

With membership now fast increasing and with it becoming much harder to find different "Pubnosh" venues to accommodate our growing numbers, it was perhaps no surprise that in 2002 we sought and were permitted to have a permanent home in the comfort and attractive surroundings of the golf club.

However, because of the seating arrangements in the golf club dining room, membership is now limited to a maximum of 85. Applications above this number are placed on a waiting list.

No formal constitution or committee exists to administer these events other than a small team of volunteer organisers whose names are shown at section 7 of this document.

The initial concept of holding reunion meetings was proposed by Pat Bailie, and it was entirely through his effort, and a small sum donated from ins old boys' magazine account, "The Old Prescotian", which finally led to the establishment of "The Old Prescotians' Luncheon Club".

In 2000 the last issue of "The Old Prescotian" was published, and from the closing balance of this account a donation was made by Pat Bailie to act as a reserve towards future events. In consequence of this, a new account was opened, and this document has been prepared to establish the authenticity of "Prescot Grammar School Old Boys Luncheon Club", formerly "The Old Prescotians' Luncheon Club" and its operating and financial accountability.

2. Name

The name of the reunion group is "Prescot Grammar School Old Boys' Luncheon Club".

3. Objectives

To foster goodwill and fellowship between the old boys of Prescot Grammar School by arranging a number of convivial lunch meetings throughout the year.

4. Meetings and Venue

Meetings are arranged in Spring (March), Summer(June), Autumn(September) and Christmas(December), and are held at the Huyton & Prescot Golf Club, Huyton Lane, Prescot.

5. Membership

Membership is open to the old boys of PGS and is available on application (phone or letter) to the organisers. An annual membership charge will be made to cover administration expenses.

6. Honorary Membership

Members aged 90 and over are registered as honorary members. No membership charge is applicable to this group.

7. Organisers

Mr J A Atkinson, (Treasurer) 63 Fairholme Avenue, Eccleston Park, Prescot, L34 2RN Phone 0151 426 5663

Responsibilities : Bank A/c and Membership Control, all Document and Label Printing and all Postal Communication.

Mr K J Wilcock, (Liaison Officer) 12 Plum Tree Close, Eccleston Park, Prescot, L35 7JT Phone 0151 426 7860

Responsibilities : Booking Dates for Meals and arranging Menues; Writing the Quarterly Letter to all Members; Organising and controlling the agenda and speakers for each meeting.

The above Officers are non-elected volunteers and hold no permanent claim to the positions shown. Changes will be made on an ad-hoc basis when appropriate.

8. Funding

All functions to be self -financing with each member paying the cost of his chosen meal. Costs for administration will be met by the Membership Charge. (See section 5 above)

9. Banking Details.

All cash reserves are held at the Royal Bank of Scotland pic, Ormskirk Branch, 24 Derby St, Ormskirk, L39 2BY, in the name of "P G S O B Luncheon Club". Signatories to the account are the above Organisers, with two signatures authorised to sign appropriate cheques or other documents. All bank statements, bank details, and cheque-books etc. are held by the treasurer.

10. Income and Expenditure Accounts.

These will be prepared at the conclusion of each meeting and issued to members when the invitation to the following meeting is made.

11. Winding Up

It is not in the interest of the club to accrue an unnecessary bank balance; however should it become necessary to discontinue the luncheon club, then, prior to closure, ample time should be provided for the financial assets of the club to be gradually depleted and used for the benefit of the full membership. This should be in the provision of subsidised reunion lunches, raffle prizes or other benefits as agreed by the members.

This document was first approved by those attending the Summer Meeting at the Derby Arms, Rainford on the 26th July 2000.

A revised edition (Document of Identity - Issue 2) was made in 2007 and approved by the members attending the meeting at the Golf Club on the 5th September 2007.

A further revised edition (Document of Identity - Issue 3) was approved by the members attending the meeting at the Golf Club on the 9th December2009 and confirmed with the Royal Bank of Scotland in January 2010.

Another Edition (Document of Identity - Issue 4) now shows a change to Section 7. There are now only two Organisers ( K J Wilcock and J A Atkinson ).

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