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Pip Hambleton and I both arrived at Prescot at the same time, September 1963, though from different primary schools. We were put into the same tutor group (it was IIIB2), since they arranged things alphabetically for a term and he quickly became the first new friend I made.

Pip made a big impression on me since he was so different to anyone I had known until then. Things were changing in 1963, especially in Liverpool, and he seemed to be a major part of the exciting times I found myself in. He wore button-down collars on his shirts, his hair covered the tops of his ears and he wore Chelsea boots with elasticated sides. All this at a time when I was being sent to school each day in short trousers!

He was irrepressibly confident and even eccentric (he was the only twelve year old I've ever known to suffer from gout) and he didn't hesitate to poke fun at whatever warranted it. This got us into trouble on more than one occasion but there were plenty of laughs along the way. We were both in A Man for all Seasons and we spent a lot of time together outside school playing guitar, though I could never get him intersted in football.

I still think a lot of Pip as someone who played a big part in my early teenage years and I'm grateful that I can still see us standing next to each other in the 1967 school photo, doing our best to look cool and detached. It was a real loss when his family moved away from the area but nothing compared to the tragedy we heard about shortly after.

Philip Edge [Prescot Grammar School, 1963-1970]

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